WordPress Contact Form

You need your customers to have an easy way to contact you directly from your website. One great way to do this is via a Contact Form on your Contact page and on other pages of your website too. Listing your phone number, email address, social media links, messenger bots are all really important too.

The great thing about adding your phone number to your website is it’s not only easy for people to see a direct and quick way to contact you, but modern smartphones allow the user to simply click the number on their phone and start the call right away.

Having a Contact Form on the website is a quick and easy way for the website visitor to get in touch. They don’t have to go messing around with email applications and simply enter their name, email, etc, and get straight in touch with their query, You will receive an email when this happens, with a way to directly reply to them, making the whole process much easier.

There are a number of technical issues that often arise when setting up a Contact Form on a WordPress website. This is due to how many different web services providers have many different technical setups on their servers. I’ve found the way that works best to resolve these issues is to add the DNS MX Records on the web server it’s and configure the website to you use correct email address, ideally using Microsoft Office 365

“Having a Clear and easy way for potential customers to contact you is important to get SALES.”

Having your email address listed on your Contact Page is great, and has the same advantages of having your phone number. Once again, when on mobile the user can simply click the email address and it will open their email application so they can enter their email. To do this, some coding is required when adding the email address to the website to enable this one-click functionality.

On your Contact Page I always include social media links. By the time your potential customer is on that page, its great to have all the best ways for them to contact you to be right there. Having direct links to your social media is great for your customers so they can contact you directly from there.