Website Content

The content on your website is even more important than the design of your website. And when I build websites, I always say that design is built around the content. You need to make sure you have enough relevant information about you, your services, and your business so that people know exactly what you’re about when they visit the site.

Sometimes when it comes to content on your website, stating the obvious in the form of copy is the best way to go. Not only do you need to make it clear to your potential customers what you do, you need search engine bots to be able to understand what it is your business does too, for SEO purposes. 

Having a home page is key. This is the first page people will see when they visit your website. It should be obvious what you do, and entice the visitor to want to learn more. Call to action buttons on this page to other content on the site, and to entice them to reach out to you on the contact page is very important. 

You are going to want to have an about page. On this page you want to provide information about you, your business, and what you do. History of your company and some key facts about you is a good idea. You once again want call to actions to other parts of your website. 

Having a services page is a good idea if it is suitable for your business. You want to list what your business sells or the services it provides. Sometimes it could be a good idea to list your pricing on this page, if that is suitable for your business.

“Content Is King. Telling your customers what you do in a clear manner will help your business.”

Having a contact page is vital. You want to guide people to this page on all the other pages on the website. It’s really important to turn the visitor into a lead, and then a paying customers, and this page is an effective way to do that. 

You might want a page for testimonials. You at also want to list an FAQ. These can benefit your company greatly. 

You could have a Blog with multiple articles. This is helpful for SEO, and to keep your visitors informed and give them a reason to keep coming back to the website. Whether you write these articles yourself or pay someone to do so, this is great content to have on your WordPress website. 

You want to make use of graphics, imagery, and formatting of your content. You want your content to be pleasing on the eye and your want your images to tell what you do, without them having to read the site. Using stock images is a popular way to get great quality pictures on your website. Sometimes your own images won’t be very good, unless taken and edified professionally. However, if you have your own unique professional pictures and artwork, this would be ideal for your website as it would be totally unique and bespoke.