Social Media Website Integration

Having a website is important for your business. But having a good social media presence is equally as vital. More and more people are buying online. And more and more people are interacting over social media. Making your website work hand in hand with your social media is key to your success.

You can integrate social media and your website together in many ways. One of my favourite tools is adding a Facebook Messenger feature to the bottom right corner of my websites. This allows people to send messages directly to your Facebook page messenger, directly from your website without leaving. People trust Facebook as a service, so I see integrating Facebook Messenger as a much better solution for a chat box than any other software.

You want to make sure that people are able to access your social media from your website via social links. You need to have links as icons available on your website so people can get to your social media channels at a click of a button. Customers want to see what you are doing on social media as much as they want to research you on your website.

You want to make sure that you have your website URL in the website section on all of your social media accounts. This makes it easy for people to access your website from your social media. But also at the very least demonstrates that you have a website, which should build further trust in you and your business.

“If what you are doing doesn’t add value, they won’t listen to you.”

Having your website listed on your social media accounts will also help SEO. Google keeps track of all these statistics and it builds trust on their services as it provides proof of the relevancy of the company.

You can also post your website and website pages onto your social media accounts. One great way to do this is to write Blog articles and post the link to the article on Facebook. You need to setup the thumbnails for your articles on your website so that when they are posted on social media, they appear as a great piece of content that will attract your followers. Setting up the SEO for these Blog articles is very important for social media too, as the captions will appear on your posts when you share them online.