Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a software service made by Google, which allows you to see many statistics about the visitors to your website. You can track how many people visit your site on a monthly basis, keep an eye on the most common pages visitors go to, and much more. I would highly recommend you get your website developer to get this software setup for you to keep an eye on to help you make better decisions within your business and marketing.

One of the best things about Google Analytics is that it’s free. This makes the platform available to anyone with a website. There are endless resources available online on how to use Google Analytics, making it accessible for users of all levels. 

Although it takes some work to get set up, there are plenty of online tutorials and resources to walk you through the process. Once setup, go to Google Analytics dashboard and start checking things out. It can’t go back in time though, so you will have to wait for data to gather.

There are many statistics you can track via the Google Analytics Dashboard. You can start tracking traffic sources from where you visitors came from. This can be from Google Search, Social Media, Google Ads or directly to your site from your URL. It’s a great feature to help you see where your customers are coming from and how they are finding you. You can also track conversions on your website, but you have to set this up manually.

“Google Analytics is a free tracking and statistics software that gives you vital insights on Your WordPress Website.”

You can use Google Analytics for marketing purposes, to improve your sites performance, give analytics to aid your SEO, track where you leads come from, track where your purchase come from, and help keep an eye on the performance if your business.

Setting up Google Analytics may be overwhelming for you if you aren’t tech savvy, but I’m confident that if you reach out to your developer they will be glad to help you set it up, and it will be fairly easy for them to do.

Data is important for your business. So having all this data about your website is only going to be beneficial to you, no matter how little or thoroughly you make user of this powerful online tool.