Website Branding

Branding can play a big role in any business. And when you have branding for your business, you want to make sure that branding is reflected on all of your online presence. Whether that be social media, marketing material, or your WordPress website.

When it comes to your website you want to make sure your colours, fonts, typography, graphics, and logos are all present on the site. This all works hand in hand with all of your social media and marketing.

Providing your WordPress Theme supports it, you can add custom fonts to your website. You can select specific fonts and typography for all of the main sections of your site. Whether that be the heading or any of the other copy on your website.

You can change the colours of your fonts, links, buttons, menus, and graphics to match the colour scheme of your branding. This is a great thing to do when building your website and is highly recommended.

You want to make sure you get your logos on your website. You need to make sure they are in a file format and in the right dimensions, suitable for the web and your WordPress website specifically. Having your logo on your website, matching with all the fonts and colours will make your website stand out, be unique, and practically feel bespoke.

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” 

If you already have branding for your company and website, then great. Otherwise, it may be well worth reaching out to some graphics designers and branding designers online to build you a unique branding package. Having unique professional branding for your company will really help you stand out, and provides a number of other benefits.

You can try and develop your branding yourself. There are both free and paid graphics software available (such as Canva), where you can do it all yourself. However, I would advise you get an expert if you feel you’re not quite suited to this role and that is not where your talents lie.

The key to branding for your website comes down once again to the software you are using to build your website. Make sure you are using professional, high quality WordPress Themes and software that allows you to fully customise all of these key areas on your website.